Spring 2020


In the year 2000, many held out hope that it would be the year in which governments would start tackling climate change. It seemed 20 years would be enough time to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.

It didn’t quite happen that way but there are glimmers of hope. For one, hardly anyone shrugs their shoulders anymore at the enormity of what we’re up against, saying nothing can be done on an individual basis. Striving for zero waste has become more mainstream – in the home (p. 15) and in the garden (p. 118).

Still, from a self-builder’s point of view the ‘eco’ challenge is almost impossible to meet as the very activity of building has environmental ramifications. For one, most building materials use up a considerable amount of energy and water to make.

And even though there is a push towards more efficient and less resource intensive building processes (p. 76) ‘eco’ building continues, to this day, to be mostly about the end product: reducing energy bills and increasing the quality of the air we breathe indoors.

So it’s likely that in the next 20 years, conservation and lifecycle analyses will become a more important part of the self-build mix. Watch this space.


Product Description



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