Foundations, subfloors and screeds: Watchpoints

Your foundation type will have been chosen at this stageThe process for a standard foundation will usually involve your engineer specifying your foundation system, including specification for the concrete and reinforcements. Specialist foundations, e.g. piles or insulated foundations, will be contracted out to a specialist company which will have their own engineer make the specifications for you. 

For standard foundations, your engineer will call to site to check all is proceeding as planned. You will also need the building control inspection (NI) and your certifier (this may be your engineer) check this stage. Concrete will usually have to be ordered from a truck; depending on access if the truck cannot get to the location you will need to separately hire a pump/extension from the truck to site. Reinforcement usually comes in the form of steel, colloquially known as rebar, and this can be ordered from the builder’s merchant