Health & Safety: Appoint PSCS/PC

Before you start on construction, you must appoint a Principal Contractor or PC (NI) / Project Supervisor Construction Stage or PSCS in ROI. This will usually be your builderIn the case of direct labour you can appoint yourself but need to be competent to do so; otherwise you can hire a health and safety professional to carry out this work for you. 

The PSCS must prepare a written plan specific to the risks associated to the construction stage and add to the Project Supervisor Design Stage / Principal Designer safety file relevant documents such as records of scaffolding tags and inspections. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to appoint a PSDS/PD and a PSCS/PC. 

There must always be a site supervisor in charge on site and they must have the relevant experience and accreditation. In practice, in ROI this isn’t as well enforced as in NI. 

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