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    Hi All, Looking for some help. Is there anywhere online that has a map of where sewer and drains are located in your area? I live in Dublin and we are planning an extension. My house is a terrace. There is a man hole located outside my back door so will be blocked with the extension. Do you think we will have to redirect the flow? The issue is that the house is on a slope (backgarden slopes downwards and as far as I can tell the sewer pipes go across the back garden from my neighbours into me and then into the neighbours on the other side. There’s a lane at the back of the garden but no drains or manholes in it that we can see or that we could redirect flow to. Anyone had similar issues and if so what did you do?


    Astrid Madsen

    Hiya, Dublin City Council can supply you with a map of what’s going on underground – you should be able to request a public drainage map free of charge if you send them an email:
    If the line does run in the back garden, then, according to this:
    It doesn’t sound like you would be able to build over it; even diverting it would be difficult to do.
    Any neighbours who have built an extension in their back gardens should have some insights to share.
    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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