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    Christine Casey

    Homeowners face £9,000 bills to stop their new-builds overheating
    Expensive modifications will be needed to ensure houses can stay cool as climate change drives up temperatures, according to scientists
    Emma Gatten,
    10 July 2021 •
    “Homeowners face paying thousands of pounds for retrofits to make their homes habitable as the climate warms, experts have warned.

    More than half a million homes have been built since 2017 that will need to be retrofitted to ensure they stay cool, despite the Government acknowledging at the time that “urgent action” was needed to address overheating.

    By 2050, heatwaves like that seen in 2019, when the UK recorded a new all-time high temperature of 38.7C, are expected to happen every other year, according to assessments from the Met Office.

    The Climate Change Committee, the Government’s statutory advisers, has estimated the costs of retrofitting cooling features into a property to be £9,200, compared to £2,300 when done at the building stage.

    “Since the last climate change risk assessment, when the government recognised this as a risk to people in the UK, we’ve built almost half a million new homes, which overheat, in our already hot summers, and that will get worse in the future,” said Baroness Brown, chair of the CCC’s Adaptation Committee.”

    “Measures that can easily be incorporated when building new homes include avoiding large south-facing windows, including external shutters, trickle vents, green roofs, and green walls covered in vegetation.”

    Hi there, we have just put in for planning in the NW, we are planning continental style shutters on the wndows. Not sure what else to ask our architect for, any ideas?

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