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    Astrid Madsen

    I currently have a BER of B2 when I upgraded my attic insulation and pumped my walls and a multi fuel stove. My house is a detached 1,350sqft two storey and I am the sole occupant. I have oil heating, stove and one electric shower, my current electricity bill is about 80 euros bimonthly. I was thinking of getting PV panels on my roof with an inverter without battery storage. This is coming in at 7,000 euros with the grant giving me a 2.72 kw every hour. I was told I could save about 50% on my current electricity bills and also sell unused electricity back to the Grid in 2021 but it would be about 10-15 years before I get the costs back. I was looking at a thermodynamic panel on the roof with a condenser which is cheaper to install but not sure how efficient this is. Is an air to heat pump a better option. I do not want anything that needs annual maintenance like some solar panels.

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