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Basic Site Checklist

Check your sight lines, rights of way, restrictive covenants and potential need for new entrances.    

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Road openings

Check if you will need to dig up the road and what’s involved if you do.

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If you can’t connect to the mains, you need to get a percolation test and pick an on-site treatment system.

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Water & Electricity

Connection fees for these can run high, so check in advance although exact connection costs may not be forthcoming until you’ve got planning permission.

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Planning Red Flags

Check zoning laws, including locals only rules, and other site specific issues.

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Buying Land With An Existing House On It

Consider that this can be an easy way to get planning permission; plus knocking down to rebuild.

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Securing planning permission

Planning permission is the government’s written authorisation for you to build a house according to the plans you submit to them, oftentimes with conditions attached.

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