Septic tank rules under review

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government has Septic tank rulesconfirmed to SelfBuild that the ROI septic tank rules are currently under review.

During a Dáil debate last year the then Minister for the Environment had endorsed a proposal to allow self-builders to ask for their septic tank to be inspected, as grants are only available to those who have failed an inspection. The review was meant to have taken place this year.

However these plans have not yet materialised: “There are currently no plans to introduce a self-referral system under legislation,” a spokesperson for the Department told SelfBuild. The Environmental Protection Agency also said they were unaware of any changes.

What is currently being looked at is the requirement to re-register your septic tank after five years (registration costs €50); however whether this period is to be extended or made shorter remains unclear.

Any changes to this procedure would require an amendment to the Water Services Amendment Act of 2012, so watch this space.

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