Flood damage

If you have been a victim of flood damage, it could happen again, so we thought we’d bring you this list of tips from www.appliancesdirect.co.uk regarding prevention and cure:

1. Assess the flood risk to your home
Check if your home and local area is at risk of flooding by contacting your local authority. However, be cautious as flood risks are calculated using historical data and future weather and flooding may be worse than previous records.

2. Conduct a building health check
Assessing the external condition of the building will highlight any shortcomings. Simple measures such as a sealable airbrick and toilet bung can prevent immediate flooding following a surge in water levels. 

3. Create a flood plan
Everyone in the house should be aware of where stop taps and kill switches are for utilities such as water, gas and electricity, and also have an emergency checklist to refer to in case of flooding, including making sure all electrical items are turned off and well away from rising water.

4. Prepare a temporary living plan
After flooding, a building may be unsafe to return to for days and even weeks. Ask friends and family if they would be able to accommodate you for a short period of time.

5. Getting back to normal
Once you can return home take pictures and make a list to support your insurance claim (don’t forget to check if you qualify for clean up assistance). If you don’t have insurance, a qualified contractor can be employed to assess the safety of utilities. Extract moisture from the building with a dehumidifier but be aware it’s a process that can take months

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