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The NanoFactory

innovators in liquid repellent coatings

The NanoFactory specialises in nano-coatings for a broad variety of purposes including building and paving protection, easy-to-clean and permanent anti-graffiti coatings, durable anti-fungi and anti-bacterial coatings etc.

Using the latest Nanotechnology developments, the nanoFactory created the nanoSystem, an invisible coating, which adds easy-to-clean or stay clean properties to a modified surface providing protection from the environmental impacts of water, salt, acid rain, stains, pollutants and algae for up to 10 years. It also and improved the hygrothermal properties of a mineral material up to 30% enabling it to retain more heat which equates to real world energy cost savings.

The nanoSystem is an innovative product with a diverse range of applications ranging from long-lasting disinfection coatings based on precious metals to surface protecting nano-coatings for mineral surfaces, glass, ceramics, wood, fabric and leather, and general cleaning products with superior anti-bacterial properties.

The nanoSystem coatings are eco-friendly, benign to the environment and resistant to micro-organism growth. With the “easy to clean” surface there is no need for chemical cleaners, simply wash with water as required saving you money.

nanoSystem Product Range

STONE W3 – Water repellent surface on natural stone, brick, concrete, render etc

STONE WH – Deep penetrating hydrophobic impregnator, water and damproofing for concrete, mortar, stone
STONE SC – Stay Clean water repellent for non-porous and porous stone. marble, granite, sandstone limestone etc
STONE Ceramics – Stay-clean protection for glass and ceramic non-porous surfaces

WOOD – for wood and unvarnished timber

PROTECT Glass – stay-clean protection for glass and windows

PROTECT Shower – stay-clean protection for shower and bathroom area

PROTECT Metal – stay-clean protection for chrome and stainless steel

PROTECT Textile and Leather – anti-stain properties for soft furnishings and clothing, shoes

PROTECT Carpet – anti-stain and stay clean protection for carpets

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