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Heat Hero is the only solution for efficiency in Solid Fuel Heating systems.
With Heat Hero you can be sure your Boiler Stove is installed safely and to the highest standard and your Boiler Stove can perform to its maximum efficiency.
Heat Hero gives you the most efficient solid fuel central heating system available, with strong and even heat circulation to all radiators and hot water to your cylinder wherever it is. Heat Hero has been independently tested by CISD, Centre for Industrial Service & Design and is proven to have at least 48% stronger heat circulation than the conventional solid fuel central heating system.
Heat Hero is for New or Existing Boiler Stove Installations and is fitted by your plumber to existing pipework.
It is ideal for integrating a Solid Fuel Boiler Stove with a dual system such as oil or gas and allows for heating zones. The Heat Hero manifolds are maintenance free.
With Heat Hero you will burn less fuel and get more heat!
Save on heating costs and is better for the environment.
Typical payback is in one winter!.
Make the most out of your winter fire –by making sure you Boiler Stove is installed with a Heat Hero.

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